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Higher Resident Satisfaction, Lower Costs 

MindX provides comprehensive psychology and psychiatry care coverage tailored to meet the unique needs of assisted living facilities. With a specialized focus on the mental well-being of residents, MindX offers expert assessments, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support to enhance their quality of life. 

Our consultations are priced at $139 and can be scheduled within 24-48 hours.


Better Resident Health

Quick and Easy Consultations

Reduction in Hospitalization

Reduction in costs 

Prevention of falls and accidents

Clinic-quality psych care at the doorstep!

MindX virtual psychological care brings a new level of convenience and accessibility to residents of assisted living facilities. By offering clinic-level psychiatric care right from the comfort of their own living space within the facility, MindX eliminates the need for arduous travel and long waits. This innovative approach ensures that seniors can promptly access the mental health support they require, all while enjoying the familiarity and comfort of their assisted living environment.

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How it works

Request a Demo of our Services

Provide Requirements and Sign Contract

We provide your residents accounts and app with access to our psychiatrists

We can also establish on-site Teleclinics at your facility for easy access

Our team works with your care team to provide top quality care to your residents


On-Site Teleclinics

MindX pioneers enhanced mental healthcare for assisted living facility residents through on-site teleclinics. With the convenience of walk-in consultations, residents can easily access expert psychiatric care from MindX experienced psychiatrists. This innovative approach ensures timely support while preserving the comfort and ease of their living environment.

Bypass the long wait times! 

MindX revolutionizes mental health care for assisted living facility residents by ensuring prompt access to consultations within 72 hours, featuring esteemed psychologists and psychiatrists from across the USA. This groundbreaking approach circumvents the typical 2-month wait time for psychologist/psychiatrist appointments, addressing urgent needs efficiently.


Additionally, it eliminates travel complexities and expenses, consequently benefiting both the senior living facility's budget and residents with mobility constraints. MindX innovative solution exemplifies a holistic and patient-centered approach to mental health care in senior living settings.

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A facility full of happiness..

"As the Clinical Operations Manager at our assisted living facility, I am truly impressed by the transformative impact of MindX Psychology and Psychiatry care coverage. Our residents' mental well-being has been elevated to new heights through timely consultations with top professionals. The convenience of on-site teleclinics has not only saved our residents from the stress of lengthy wait times but has also eliminated the travel hassle. This service has not only improved the quality of life for our residents but has also streamlined our operations by minimizing costs and optimizing care. MindX has redefined mental health support in our facility, and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive changes it has brought." - George Shaw from Cypress Village

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